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Annual Awards Night

Sherwood Park Fish and Game Association Annual Awards Night is held anually at the Canadian German Cultural Centre, 8310 Roper Road, Edmonton.

2015 Winners were as follows:

A total of 170 members and guests attended the awards presentation under the direction of Master of Ceremonies, Jack Graham.

Following the presentation of the awards to the trophy winners, President Richard Rothwell made special honour awards to:

Gordon Kerr Charlie Roberts Outstanding Contributions Award
Ken Sobkiw Life Membership
Deanna Loewen Life Membership

Other Club Awards provided by the Association are:

Members who have consistently contributed to the club over many years and have met the demanding criteria for Life Membership Award may be awarded a Life Membership in appreciation of their dedication to the Association. Current Life Members are:

Reginald Gray *
Paul Morck
Steve Witiuk
William Tenetiuk *
George Page *
Alex Schwarzer
Fred Wolfe
Clarence (Bill) Middleton *
Frank Lee
Lloyd Hakes *
Andy Boyd
Al Wagner
Dennis Perka
Al Giacomazzi
Garnet Anthony
Steve Ujvarosy *
Ed Scarlett
Norman Honish *
Robert Loewen
Bill Abercrombie
Lyall Kortzman
Christian Weintz *
Ivan Johnston *
Les Berry *
Gaetan Richard
Ken Sobkiw
Deanna Loewen
Gordon Kerr
Ron Durstling
Richard Rothwell
Leona (Lee) Horne

* Denotes Deceased

This special award is to be given to a member who has made an exceptional contribution to the Club. The criteria for this award is very high, therefore this award is not necessarily given each year. Charlie Roberts was a dedicated and loyal member who was killed in an industrial accident in 1972. This memorial award represents the extreme dedication to the Fish, Wildlife and Habitat that Charlie held so dear. The Charlie Roberts Memorial Award is sponsored Reginald Gray.


Club members who have made a special contribution during the year are recognized at the Annual Awards night with the presentation of a Certificate of Merit.


The Sherwood Park Fish and Game Association is active in the Community and in the Province. Their initiatives gain them much respect with Corporations, Government Agencies and other Organizations. As a result, numerous awards have been received over the years. These awards are as follows:

The Alberta Foundation for Environmental Excellence was founded in the fall of 1991 to recognize the outstanding initiative and leadership Albertans are demonstrating in the face of the many environmental challenges of the 1990s. The Emerald Award was created to celebrate these achievements and encourages clubs and organization to participate. The Foundation brings together a group of resourceful organizations committed to ensure recognition of significant strides being made by Albertans to protect, preserve, enhance and sustain our environment.

In 1996, The Sherwood Park Fish & Game Association was the winner of this award through a wide variety of activities undertaken to conserve wildlife and habitat on its property comprising of natural habitat, nature trails, etc. It was actively involved in efforts to eradicate the Purple Loosest rife weed.

In 2000, the Club was awarded a special recognition award by the Edmonton Fish and Game Association. The awards reads:

      "With gratitude for your support and unselfish act of co-operation in assisting fellow Fish and Game Members. It is clubs such as yourselves that make Fish and Game Association such a worthwhile organization. Your assistance during our time of trouble in 2000 helped smooth out our troubles and was of invaluable benefit".

In 1995, the RCMP gave the club recognition for its assistance to the police. This award reads:

      "In appreciation to the Sherwood Park Fish and Game Association in recognition of your contribution to the Sherwood Park RCMP Auxiliary Constable Program".

The parent organization awards clubs in the province at its annual conference. SPFGA has received a number of these awards throughout the years.

The Guy Blake Memorial Award was received in the 1990, 2004 and 2006. This is awarded for the best club project for habitat improvements or for preparing and delivering briefs at public meetings.

The George Watt Memorial Award was received in 1999 for the SPFGA's best expenditure of conservation lottery funds for the purpose of Fish & Wildlife Habitat enhancement.

The Outdoor Edge Communications Award was received in 1988 and 1998 for best informing its members on the club's affairs through newsletters and phone communications.

The Henry Lembicz - Clean Air- Clean Land Award was issued to the club in 1994 for its work on the Purple Loosestrife Eradication Project.

The Archie Hogg Memorial Award was received by SPFGA in 1991 for the best Environmental Publicity Program.

The J.B. Cunningham Award for the Club that has increased its membership the greatest. SPFGA won this award in 2008 and 2009.