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Recreational Property

Recreational property and shooting ranges are open 7 days a week all year.

In 1974, a quarter section of land south of Hastings Lake was purchased and the Association now owns 720 acres of which 160 acres are used as recreational property for members and their families. Volunteer time and hard work by several dedicated members helped develop the following: rifle range, rimfire/handgun/black powder range, 22 rimfire silhouette range, shotgun range, black powder trail, archery trail, fish pond, club house, campground, and ski/hiking trails.

A large number of wildlife species reside on our property. The University of Alberta's Faculty of Biology, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology's Forestry Department, and Biological Sciences Department have used our property to study a number of species and eco-systems.

The club maintains several unserviced campsites for member use. These sites are located on a separate trail loop. Most sites are large enough to park pull trailers / 5th Wheel units, and have fire pit rings for outdoor fires. Two outdoor toilets are located on the loop to accommodate tent campers.

The unserviced campground is available for members use at no charge and sites are obtained on a first come basis.
NOTE: Maximum stay is seven (7) consecutive days.

Fish Pond
The fish pond is stocked each year. All fish caught are to be released until September when they may be kept. Intended for the children, this is a great place where parents, grandparents or group leaders can instruct children on the skills of fishing.

An electric aerator has been installed and successfully supports the stocked fish over the winter.

NO FISHING ON THE ICE: The aerator makes the ice dangerously thin. Please supervise the children when near the pond, as the banks are steeply angled.

Shooting Ranges
ALL USERS must adhere to the RANGE RULES of the Association and to Provincial & Federal Laws. All individuals on the firing line must wear their membership card in a visible location.

Shooting ranges are open all year and roads are cleared in the winter. Shooting is restricted to times posted on the website, in newsletters and at the main gate.

Shooting by guests is strictly prohibited.

Only law enforcement officers engaged in formal training and who have made prior arrangements with the SPFGA Executive may use human silhouette targets. Caliber prohibitions include 408 CheyTac and 50 BMG.

Big Bore Range
Permitted use includes centerfire rifles, rimfire rifles, black powder long guns and shotgun slug guns. The covered shed has both concrete and wooden shooting benches. Target boards are placed at 25/100/200/300 meters. Steel gongs are placed at 100/200/300 meters.

Rimfire/Black Powder Range
Permitted use includes black powder (round ball only), air rifles, and rimfire rifles. The covered shed is 60' long and has concrete shooting benches. Target boards are placed at 15/25/50/100 meters. Email: or

Overflow Range
Permitted use is identical to Big Bore range. The covered shed has concrete benches. Target boards and steel gongs are placed at 100/150/200 meters.

Handgun Range
This range is for handguns only. The covered shed is 40' long and has wooden shooting benches. Target boards are placed at 7/15/25 meters. There are six swinging steel targets. These are not to be used with steel jacketed bullets. The range hosts a fun competition in May and June and again in August. Email:

Shotgun Trap Range
Our range consists of a manual thrower where shooters can come and throw their own targets. The electronic thrower is open on Wednesdays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and on Sundays from 12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM. Contact Pat Harris for details. There is a minimum charge for 25 thrown targets. Email:

The range has a metal patterning board for members to use for shot patterning and this is only for shot shells NOT FOR SHOT GUN SLUGS. Recommended shot size for trap is 7 1/2, 8 and 9 oz.

Permitted use includes all categories of firearms (handgun and long gun). Steel core ammo is permitted. The use of shotgun "shot" is not allowed. The covered shed has concrete benches as well as wooden handgun benches, and open positions for offhand and prone. Target boards are placed at 50 meters. There is no steel in this Range.

Black Powder Program
The black powder trail is for casual use and organized shoots. The trail is U shaped and is just over a kilometre long. The two entrances are located on the NW and SW side of the shot gun range. There are three activities done on this trail, muzzle loading pistol, muzzle loading long guns and knife and hawk throwing.

There are about 12 yellow targets for pistol or cap & ball revolvers & 30 red long gun targets. All targets are metal. They will swing and clang when hit, lots of fun. All members are welcome to use their muzzle loading firearms on the trail.

The black powder trail also has about dozen knife and hawk throwing stations. These are located on NW trail entrance. The knife and hawk throwing stations are completely safe to use, even if there is shooting being done on the trail. Bring your knife, hawk and kids and have some fun.

Each year there are two organized black powder shoots, one in May and the other in September. These shoots have a Western Canadian Fur Trade theme. There is even a primitive camp set up behind the club house. These shoots will have competitions in muzzle loading rifles, pistols, flint lock trade guns, knife and hawk throwing and primitive archery. Non SPFGA members are welcome to these shoot, but they must have their own liability insurance. Posters with all the information about these shoot can be found in the SPFGA newsletter and web site.

Archery Range
The Archery Range consists of a Main Range and a 3D course. The Main Range has permanent target butts set at 10, 20, 30 and 40 meters. There is also a sand backed crib for shooting broad-heads, and an elevated stand with a 5 meter drop for tree stand practice. A groomed trail walk approximately 400 meters long has 21 shooting lanes with 3D targets. The 3D targets are put out in April and taken in early September.

Organized Shooting Events
There are a number of firearms competition shoots and archery shoots held annually that are advertised in club newsletters and in the Events Calendar. These are fun shoots and everyone competes against themselves. There are a couple of nominal prizes for top scores. Such events include: Handgun Metallic Silhouette Shooting for .22 and large bore handguns. Knock-down targets from 25 to 200 meter distances. Email:

The Black Powder Trail is designed for both casual use as well as organized shoots. The Edmonton House Brigade and the Sherwood Park Fish & Game Association co-host a shoot in late May of each year. For further information, please contact the Black Powder Chair at

Shotgun Trap shooting is held from spring to fall on Sunday afternoons and on Wednesday evenings. For further information, please contact the Shotgun Chair at

Archery shooting outside all year round and 3D course from May to end of August. For further information, please contact the Archery Chair at

Questions can be emailed to the Chairs listed under CONTACT.

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