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The Sherwood Park Fish & Game Association (SPFGA) is one the largest wildlife conservation groups associated with the Alberta Fish & Game Association. It was founded in 1962 when the sportsmen of the Sherwood Park area saw the need for an active group to ensure Alberta's wildlife and their habitat would become sustainable and remain that way for future generations. We have expanded our organization with members and have purchased property through the years. We are proud of our facility and attempt to continually improve it. SPFGA works for wildlife in many ways:

  -    We encourage governments to enforce strict regulations to protect wildlife.
  -    We help young Canadians form responsible attitudes toward wildlife and the environment through our youth programs.
  -    We initiate funds and perform projects that benefit wildlife.

SPFGA shares Alberta Fish & Game Association's mission statement:
"To promote through education, lobbying and programs, the conservation and utilization of fish and wildlife and to protect and enhance the habitat they depend on."

The precedent of active participation to promote responsible outdoor recreation set by earlier Sherwood Park Fish & Game Association members is being carried on today. Be sure to play your part in preserving this proud tradition.

SPFGA has a large land base used for recreation and wildlife habitat.

The Sherwood Park Fish and Game Association is a completely volunteer, non-profit organization.

For info, call 780-910-4248 or email membership@spfga.org

Affiliated with:
Alberta Fish and Game Association and Canadian Wildlife Federation