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Range Improvements

Archery Range Improvements 2016

The Archery Range consists of a Main Range and an Archery Trail Walk. The Main Range has permanent target butts set at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 meters. There is also a sand backed crib for shooting broad-heads, and an elevated stand with a 5 meter drop for tree stand practice. The 3D archery trail walk has been extended to approximately 400 meters in length and has 21 side lanes with 3D targets.

We would like to thank Joe and Kris Skelly, Hans Mausolf, Eugene Desaulniers, Pat and Kathleine Emerson, Varonica and Walter Klissner, Anton Bester, Pat Harris, Lori and Al Keeler for their efforts in improving and extending the 3D archery walk. Special thanks to Eugene for the hats.