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These Range Rules are a policy of the SPFGA. Non compliance contravenes Bylaws Section 3(b) and may result in the loss of membership. In the case of an on-site dispute regarding interpretation, the decision of the Range/Enforcement Officer shall be final.


Membership Privileges:
A RANGE membership authorizes the responsible use of all facilities on-site. A REGULAR membership authorizes the responsible use of all on-site facilities EXCEPT the Firearms Ranges.

All SPFGA members are required to record the Date, Membership number, Time of arrival, and Time of departure at the Main Gate Sign-in Kiosk.

Members are permitted to be accompanied by non-member guests. Guests accompanying members are prohibited forward of the Cease Fire Line on any Range, and must not handle any firearm. Members permitting guests forward of the Cease Fire Line may have their membership suspended. Guests are not permitted to remain on-site overnight.

Dogs are prohibited on all ranges. Dogs on site must be leashed to insure member safety. Aggressive dogs are not permitted on site and must be removed from the property if they persistently bark/growl at humans.

Drugs and Alcohol:
Alcohol is prohibited in all Range areas and parking areas. Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted in any shooting area. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in individual campsites and in the Clubhouse areas.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in shooting sheds.

Fireworks: The discharge of fireworks is prohibited on SPFGA property.

Off Road Vehicles: Use of off road vehicles, except during SPFGA sanctioned activities, is prohibited.


Range Membership:
The handling and discharge of any firearm requires the individual to be in possession of a valid SPFGA RANGE membership.

Display of Membership:
All members forward of the Cease Fire Line must display, on their person, a valid Range Membership card, and are required on request, to make their card available for inspection by any other SPFGA member.

Permitted Range Use:
Range members must be familiar with the Permitted Use and Restrictions posted on any Range. Signs outlining these requirements are posted at each Range.

Acting Range Officer:
The first person on the Cease Fire Line shall assume the responsibility of being the Range Officer, and shall continue with that responsibility unless delegated to another member, or unless a SPFGA appointed Enforcement Officer is on the Cease Fire Line. Range officers are responsible to insure and monitor the compliance of Range Rules.

Uncased firearms:
All uncased firearms must be carried unloaded with actions open and muzzle pointed in a safe up position when transferred between a vehicle and the shooting shed. Once in a shooting shed, all uncased firearms must be placed in the racks provided or on a shooting bench with the muzzle pointed down range.

The handling of any uncased firearm requires the Safety Curtain to be in the UP position.

Cased Firearms:
Cased firearms must be unloaded and can be placed on an equipment bench (closed) while the Safety Curtain is in the down position. Once the curtain is raised, the closed case can be moved to a shooting bench with muzzle pointed down range before the case can be opened and the gun handled.


Curtain Up:
- Range is active or live.
- Firearms may be handled, loaded and discharged from approved shooting positions when safe.
- Muzzle position must be forward of the bench top (Firing Line) when discharged.

Curtain Down:
- Range is closed to firing.
- Actions must be open (no magazine or ammunition in place) with muzzle pointed down-range or unloaded with the action open in the rack.
- Absolutely no touching of firearms, magazines, ammunition, etc.
- While in the shed, all individuals must be back of the Cease Fire Line.
- Range Members may go down range to post/retrieve targets.

To call a Cease Fire:
Any person on the range may call a Cease Fire at any time. Stand by Safety Curtain crank. Get everybody's attention. Declare the range will be closed in one minute. Guns are put down and all people must be behind the Cease Fire Line. Make eye contact to insure shooters at benches are alert to the change in Range status. When all persons are behind the Cease Fire Line, lower the curtain and declare the range is closed. Please stay behind the line.

To Declare Live Fire:
Stand by the safety curtain crank. Get everybody's attention. Do a visual check to insure all those returning from target boards are behind the Cease Fire Line. When safe, declare the Range is live and raise the curtain.

Chronograph Set-up:
To set up a chronograph, advise all members in the shed of your intentions. Lower the curtain to a position approximately 10cm above the rifle muzzle. Insure all other shooters are behind the Cease Fire Line. Proceed with chronograph set-up

Cease Fire Line:
The yellow/orange line on the concrete floor in each shooting shed.

Firing Line:
The red line on each bench top.

Range Hours:
Shooting prior to 0900 hrs is prohibited. End times for shooting are posted at the main gate (and in the website Events Calendar) as they vary with the season and light conditions. NOTE: Non compliance may result in the suspension of your membership.

Target Restrictions
All targets must be affixed to SPFGA supplied boards, and must be soft/paper based. Items including clays, balloons, fruit, plastics, etc. are prohibited. Human silhouettes/facsimiles with necks/block heads etc. are prohibited except by Law Enforcement (acting upon their memorandum of agreement with SPFGA). With the exception of provisions posted on the Rimfire Range, all metallic targets except those provided by SPFGA are prohibited.

Preventing Ground ricochets:
Bullets must not be fired in such a way that they will strike the ground between the shooting position and the target board or gong.

General Safety
All SPFGA Range members are responsible to insure the ammunition and firearms being discharged are safe for use. Hand loaders are specifically cautioned to insure cartridges do not exceed safe operating pressures.

Unsafe Practices
When an unsafe practice is observed, it is the responsibility of the observing member to call a cease fire and refer the issue to an (Acting) Range Officer for resolution. Only upon resolution, may live fire resume.

Eye/Ear Protection:
Ear protection and eye protection is mandatory.

Junior Members:
All members under the age of eighteen years must be under the direct supervision of an adult SPFGA Range member.

Prohibited ammunition
Tracer and incendiary ammunition is strictly prohibited. Any ammunition loaded with steel core bullets is prohibited at any distance less than 50M.

Hang Fire/Misfires
In the event of a hangfire/misfire, the action must remain closed for a minimum of one minute.

Range Etiquette
- Members are expected to treat each other with respect.
- Targets must be removed from boards before departure.
- Casings must be picked up and placed in the appropriate receptacles or removed from the property.

Injury Accidents
In the event of an injury accident, a cease fire must be called and the injured person(s) must vacate the Cease Fire Line, be offered appropriate first aid, and if warranted, be required to access medical attention. An injured person is permitted to return to the Firing Line to shoot only after the Acting Range Officer clears him/her to do so. The Acting Range Officer must submit a text Incident Report to the President within 24 hrs, containing:
- Date and time of incident.
- Name, membership number and telephone number of the injured person(s), date and time of the incident.
- Reports taken from all witness on site with names, membership numbers and telephone numbers.
- Details regarding the incident, nature of the injuries, and actions taken.
NOTE: In the case of a catastrophic firearm/component failure, the member shall not be permitted to shoot for the remainder of that day to allow them time to assess the ammunition and firearm.

Rules specific to the Shotgun Range are posted on site. Ammunition is restricted to birdshot not larger than # 6. Absolutely no slugs are permitted on the Shotgun Range. Slugs are permitted on both the Big Bore and Overflow Ranges.
NOTE: Spring thrower must be left uncocked and covered by last user.

Rimfire Rifle & Muzzle Loading Range
Permitted uses are rimfire rifles, air rifles & muzzle loading long guns using round ball. Muzzle loading rifles using sabot or conical bullets must use the big bore range. Muzzle loading pistols and cap & ball revolvers must use the pistol or 50 metre ranges.

Only muzzle loading firearms or cap & ball revolvers, using black powder or equivalent energy source, are allowed. This includes flint locks, cap locks & modern inlines. Only round balls are to be used. Sabot and conical bullets are too heavy; they produce too much energy and will destroy the metal targets. The trail shooting hours are the same as the rest of ranges.

The trail is U shape and is just over a kilometre long. The two entrances are located on the NW and SW side of the shot gun range. There are three activities done on this trail:

(1) There are about a dozen targets for muzzle loading pistols or cap & ball revolvers. The pistol targets are made of light steel plates and are painted yellow. Because of the light weight construction, the low energy load of pistols can move the gongs. The pistol trail starts at the SW entrance.
(2) There are about 30 muzzle loading long gun targets located throughout the trail. These targets are painted red & are made of heavier steel. Please do not use long guns to shoot at the yellow pistol targets. The energy of a long gun shot will destroy the pistol gongs.
(3) There are about dozen knife and hawk throwing stations located on NW trail entrance.

Fire prevention - 5 second patch lube test

In the past, some pre lubed patches have started grass fires. The recommended lube for patches is water.
If you have another favourite lube for your patches, test your lubed patches before coming out to the range.
A small propane torch ( the type used to solder copper pipe) is needed for this test. Lube a patch & hold it at the tip of the flame for 5 seconds. If the patch does not start to smolder, this patch / lube combo can be used on trail walk.
When the County of Beaver imposes a fire ban, the black powder tail walk will be closed to shooting. If a scheduled black powder shoot and a fire ban happen at the same time, the shoot will go on. Extra fire prevention procedures are then put in place.

Rules specific to the Archery Range are posted on site.

The Area Usage Rules are a policy of the SPFGA. Non compliance contravenes Bylaws Section 3(b) and may result in the loss of membership. In the case of an on-site dispute regarding interpretation, the decision of the Range/Enforcement Officer shall be final.

Rules specific to campsite use are posted on-site. Overnight camping is restricted to SPFGA members. Guests are not permitted to remain onsite overnight. Campers are required to sign-in/sign-out at the Campsite Kiosk. All garbage must be removed from the site (do not leave garbage in the incinerator).

The clubhouse is left unlocked to insure member access. During non-freeze times, members are to use the indoor washrooms as the outdoor toilets are closed. Use of the split wood in the locked woodshed is limited to Club functions and youth groups. The facility must be left in a clean condition.

Rules regarding Fish Pond use are posted on site. The purpose of this feature is to teach children to fish, and therefore, fishing is restricted to members under the age of 16 years.
NOTE: Fishing is prohibited after freeze-up due to the danger of unstable ice created by the aerator.