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Friendly Range Rules Reminder

As we start a new year with new and returning members, as well as registered facility users, the importance of reviewing range rules has come to the forefront to ensure a safe and enjoyable range experience for all SPFGA members and registered facility users. Please read and practice the rules posted on the range you are using.

  -   Only registered SPFGA members or registered facility users can legally shoot at the Ranges. The Association has no provisions for guests to shoot as our insurance does not cover that practice. Members who permit guests to shoot may have their own Range membership suspended. Non-members (friends) can observe but cannot shoot at the ranges.
  -   Members must sign-in and sign-out at the gate each visit. The Association needs to keep track of members on site. It is easy to confirm that sign-ins are members when doing card checks. Insurance requires that we know who is on site and that shooters are members.
  -   Membership cards must be displayed for easy identification either using a string around the neck or attached to clothing.
  -   Range users without a visible membership card may be approached by other members or the range control officer and requested for proof of membership and identification. Please be courteous and comply with requests for membership cards.

  -   Acceptable targets include bull's eye targets, animal silhouettes and similar inoffensive targets attached to the backstops.
  -   Unacceptable targets on the rifle ranges include human silhouettes, balloons, clays or fruit. Shattered clays make unsightly litter and can be dangerous to grass mowing operators. Fruit rots and smells and is unpleasant to clean and remove. Balloons stapled to the backboards are difficult to remove.
  -   Exceptions to use of human silhouettes is granted by the SPFGA Executive to police officers, conservation officers and sheriffs as part of their training and certification programs. Officers participating in such activities are asked to wear their uniform and drive official vehicles to identify them as law enforcement agents.
  -   Do not put targets on the ground. Ranges are designed to minimize the danger of ricochets escaping the bermed areas. The only time hard silhouette targets can be placed on the ground is at club sanctioned competitions supervised by an Association appointed Range Officer. Note: Downward deflecting spinners can be placed 1 meter in front of the 50 meter backstop on the right side of the target board on the 22/Handgun Range.
  -   Do not use slugs on the Shotgun Range. The shotgun range is not bermed and slugs could be a danger to workers at the gas well site to the east. Also the metal pattern board is not slug resistant.
  -   Please remove targets from backstops and place them in the trash when finished shooting. Sweep up brass on concrete surfaces at the rifle ranges and pick up spent shells on the shotgun range and dispose them in trash cans.

Shooting hours begin at 0900 hours (9:00 AM). All firing must cease at the hour posted at the gate, in the newsletter and on the website (Events Calendar) Members should be aware there are neighbors who monitor when shooting starts and ends, and complain when shots are fired outside of posted times. We are committed to being good neighbors.